Thursday, April 01, 2004

Sole Offering

Quick poll – how many pairs of shoes do you have in your closet that you could offer for someone else’s use? You probably have at least one extra pair, right? On Thursday of NYAC, our daily theme will be “walk.” As we reflect on what it means to walk and how we walk, you will have an opportunity to share a pair of used shoes as an offering. Feel free to contribute tennis shoes, walking shoes, work boots, or any other “gently used” and serviceable shoes (no flimsy sandals please). Once collected, the shoes will be donated to an organization with the resources to distribute them to those in need. Have more than one pair you’d like to give? Great – the more the better!

Fees and forms due by April 13
Remember that all fees and forms are due in the NYAC Office by April 13. If you are unsure of how much money you owe or have other questions, contact Becky (800-323-8039, x 286). Please respect this deadline! If you do not turn in your complete registration fee and signed forms by April 13, your registration will be removed.

Only 15 days left to register
Ok, for all you procrastinators – time is almost up! Registration closes on April 15. Visit today and register.

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