Thursday, December 27, 2007

Regional Youth Conference Not to be Held in 2008

The Regional Youth Conference (RYC), normally scheduled in April at Manchester College, will not be held in 2008 according to Dave McFadden, Manchester College Executive Vice President. Declining attendance at this event led organizers to ask how youth and congregations in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan might be better served.

During a meeting with youth pastors from Northern and South/Central Indiana districts, Steve Crain, Manchester College Campus Pastor, and Dave McFadden learned that the traditional late April date conflicts with end-of-year school activities for many youth. Also, the "mini-NYC" approach spreads leadership and participants too thinly.

McFadden says, "We know there will be disappointments with our decision but we hope this disappointment is a good sign that there is ongoing interest in a six district event. As the interests and schedules of youth change, we want to adapt creatively to those changes." McFadden relates other possibilities will be considered and a group will be charged with planning an event in the fall of 2008 or spring of 2009. Questions are welcomed and may be directed to Dave McFadden by email at or by phone at 260-982-5050.