Friday, April 09, 2004

Last call for NYAC registration!
Time is up! Don’t miss this great opportunity because you lost track of your calendar. If you have questions about registration or unique circumstance, please call Becky in the NYAC Office immediately! Please register by April 15 to avoid late fees. If you have not turned in your forms and registration fee yet, please put those items in the mail and then email Becky ( to indicate that they are coming.

Information Packets
Registered participants will receive an information packet in May. The packet will contain items such as: a map, a schedule, a list of suggested packing items, reminders about the offerings that will be collected, and reminders about the service projects that will take place. If you have a question prior to receiving the information packet, contact Becky in the NYAC Office ( or 800-323-8039, x 286).

“…for every seed I plant, will grow into a tree…”
If any of you are familiar with the second verse of the “Johnny Appleseed” blessing, you’ve heard that line before. At NYAC, you too will have the opportunity to plant some seedlings that will soon be trees. As a part of reforestation efforts of Rocky Mountain National Park, you will plant seedlings in areas that have recently been destroyed by forest fires. If you are interested in helping, please pack a pair of sturdy shoes - for your own protection, no sandals please. Tools will be provided if necessary. Stay tuned for more information on how to participate! (If you are driving to NYAC and would be willing to transport some of your fellow NYAC friends to this service project, please contact Becky at or 800-323-8039, x 286.)

Shoe Offering
On Thursday, our daily theme will be “walk.” As we reflect on what it means to walk and how we walk, you will have an opportunity to share a pair of used shoes as an offering. Feel free to contribute tennis shoes, walking shoes, work boots, or any other “gently used” and serviceable shoes (no sandals please). Once collected, the shoes will be donated to an organization with the resources to distribute them to those in need. Have more than one pair you’d like to give? Great - the more the better!

Shuttle Service
As you are making your final travel arrangements, remember to make a reservation with the shuttle service in order to travel from Denver International Airport to Snow Mountain Ranch. Call Home James Transportation at 970-726-5060 or 800-451-4844. Identify yourself as an NYAC participant because we have special shuttles arranged. The shuttles run from Denver International Airport to Snow Mountain Ranch at 1 p.m., 3 p.m., and 5 p.m. on June 14. On June 18, the shuttles run from Snow Mountain Ranch to Denver International Airport at 9 a.m. and noon. Reservations must be pre-paid, so have a credit card number ready or send in a check!

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