Thursday, February 25, 2010

Winners of NYC music and speech contests are announced.

The winners of the National Youth Conference (NYC) Music Contest and Speech Contest have been announced by the Youth and Young Adult Ministry Office.

Jacob Crouse from Warrensburg, Mo., is the winner of the Music Contest with his song, "More than Meets the Eye." Born in Virginia and raised in the Dominican Republic, Crouse is a full-time student at the University of Central Missouri. While pursuing a degree in music technology, he also commits himself to the local music scene and participates in various ensembles ranging from the university's Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band to performing in a few of his very own bands. He is very involved at Warrensburg (Mo.) Church of the Brethren where, in addition to providing music for church services, he participates as a youth, is a part of the leadership team, and finds several opportunities to provide community service on behalf of the church.

There are three winners of the Speech Contest. The duo Renee Neher and Arbie Karasek from Lombard, Ill., will give a speech together. Both are members of the youth group at York Center Church of the Brethren in Lombard and attend Willowbrook High School. Neher is a 16 year old, and in the fall will be a junior at Willowbrook High. Karasek is 14 years old and also is active in the Youth Cabinet of Illinois and Wisconsin District.

The other speech will come from Kelsey Boardman of Modesto, Calif. She is a fourth generation member of the Church in the Brethren in Modesto, and during the 300th Anniversary of the Church of the Brethren was part of the Youth Heritage Travel Team for Pacific Southwest District. She plans to graduate from Fred C. Beyer High School this year, and will study biology at California State University, Stanislaus, in the fall.

"Winning this speech contest was very important to Kelsey because of the recent death of her great grandmother," reports Audrey Hollenberg, one of the two NYC coordinators. "Her great grandmother was a strong advocate for female preachers in the Church of the Brethren. Kelsey considers it a great tribute to her great grandmother to be a speaker at National Youth Conference."

Source: 2/25/2010 Newsline
‘Early Bird’ registration fee for National Youth Conference (NYC) ends after March 1.

The ‘early bird’ registration fee of $425 for National Youth Conference (NYC) has been extended to March 1. The fee will increase to $450 after that date. This Church of the Brethren conference for senior high youth and adult advisors will be held in Fort Collins, Colo., on July 17-22. Register by logging in to and then going to Questions should be directed to the Youth and Young Adult Office at or 800-323-8039 ext. 246.

Source: 2/25/2010 Newsline

Thursday, February 11, 2010

2010 Youth Peace Travel Team

The members of the 2010 Youth Peace Travel Team have been announced: Marcus Harden of First Church of the Brethren in Miami, Fla.; Timothy Sollenberger Heishman, who grew up in Iglesia des los Hermanos (Church of the Brethren in the Dominican Republic); Cambria Teter of La Verne (Calif.) Church of the Brethren; and Hannah Wysong of Beacon Heights Church of the Brethren in Fort Wayne, Ind. As they spend time with junior and senior high youth this summer at camps across the Church of the Brethren, the team will teach about peace, justice, and reconciliation, all core values throughout the church's 300-year history. The Youth Peace Travel Team is sponsored by the Church of the Brethren's Outdoor Ministries Association, Youth and Young Adult Ministry, Brethren Volunteer Service, Global Mission Partnerships, and On Earth Peace.

Source: 2/11/2010 Newsline

Monday, February 01, 2010

Pneuma Challenge
By Emily LaPrade, National Youth Conference Coordinator

NYC will be here before you know it and you’ll have lots of choices to make. Which workshops do I go to? Which late evening activities will I attend? Do we sit on the floor in worship or the bleachers? (definitely the floor!) You also have several choices to make when you register: will I go hiking? Will I help with a service project? Should I sing in the choir? One question you might not have heard is “Will I participate in the Pneuma Challenge?” New to NYC this year, the Pneuma Challenge is happening Sunday afternoon from 3pm to 5pm (during recreation time).

By following clues around the CSU campus and completing challenges, you and your friends will have the opportunity to learn more about “Pneuma.” In Ancient Greek, it means breath, wind, Spirit of God. You’ll be challenged to touch, feel, and maybe even taste the Spirit. You’ll think about God in new and different ways and experience these challenges together with your teammates. You’ll have a lot of fun going from place to place and of course, showing off your Pneuma Challenge t-shirt. Are you ready to be challenged?

More information about the Pneuma Challenge and how to register will be in your registration packets which you receive after you pay your deposit.
NYC Late Evening Activities

For all of you that like to stay up late, there will be plenty of activities to fill the evening hours! Reilly Band will provide Late Evening Entertainment on Tuesday Night at NYC. Also appearing throughout the week will be Mutual Kumquat, Ted and Company, Ken Medema, and more.

There will also be an Open Mic Night for those of you that wish to share your talents. More information about that will be shared at NYC. Make sure you bring what you need with you for your talent.