Monday, February 18, 2013

FOR launches Young, Pacifist & Proud

FOR launches Young, Pacifist & ProudThis weekend, February 15 - 18, 2013, thirteen youth from across the nation will bring their vision, enthusiasm, skills, and stories to the first gathering of Young Pacifist and Proud – A Radical Interfaith Revisioning of the World.  Young , Pacifist and Proud (YPP) is a FOR initiative lead by Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, Shauen Pearce, Aisha Nawab, and Marie Benner-Rhodes that will bring young people together to strengthen nonviolent, multi-faith, multi-cultural, and arts of resistance organizing. Together, the youth and facilitators will learn about the challenges and opportunities occurring in spiritual and faith-based communities working for economic, racial, gender, and environmental justice, and consider how to partner with each other in the creation of a better world.

FOR believes that our strongest resource for resisting and dismantling US militarism, climate change, and other forms of systemic violence is our youth. Our future rests with the creativity, wisdom, and passion of young activist organizers. YPP will provide an opportunity for young people from a wide range of communities to gather in a supportive environment that encourages creative collaboration and honors communal and faith-based resources.

Marie Rhoades, Kay Guyer & Jonathan Ulrich will be representing the Church of the Brethren at this exciting event.

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