Thursday, March 29, 2012

Exploring Your Call - June 15-25

Dear fellow friends, mentors and ministers of youth,

Bethany Theological Seminary is glad to offer once again, Exploring Your Call, a summer discernment event for high school youth, June 15 -25, 2012.

EYC is an opportunity to have in-depth classroom discussions, combined with real-life experiences of ministry (such as shadowing pastors), plus an opportunity to form meaningful friendships. As just one example of how learning happens at EYC: last year, we studied patterns of communal living in ancient Israel and the early church, then visited Reba Place in Chicago, an intentional Christian community where people share their possessions and property in common.

Participants of previous years have reported that EYC has been fantastically enjoyable and life-transforming! Last year’s participants created an Exploring Your Call page on Facebook (feel free to check it out).

Many EYC alumni have gone on to become Bethany students…but a call to seminary or pastoral ministry is by no means a requirement for EYC. We are simply looking for young people who eager to explore a variety of ministries that flow from faith; youth who want to talk about their faith and who enjoy “going deeper.” The event is for rising juniors and seniors.

For more information, go to the Bethany website and click on the link to EYC. There you can see that:
  • The ten-day event is FREE; participants are responsible just for their transportation to and from Richmond, Indiana.
  • EYC will be led by Russell Haitch (professor at Bethany) and Marla Bieber Abe (co-pastor, Carlisle Church of the Brethren)
  • There are “rolling admissions,” so it is not too late for youth to complete this year’s application; however, the sooner, the better. The link to the application is also on the Bethany website and here:
It is our hope that you will encourage rising juniors and seniors you know to apply, and also contact leaders and pastors in your area who can do likewise! Please contact us if you have any questions, or if would like us to speak to a young person directly.

Peace in Christ,

Marla Abe, 717-243-4984
Russell Haitch, 765-983-1827

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