Wednesday, November 05, 2008

John Kline Homestead workcamp strengthens hearts and spirits.

Going to the John Kline Homestead was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We worked to renew the John Kline property for others who will visit the historic place in its 300th anniversary year.

Our theme for the week was "strengthen our hands," but it was more than just doing hard work for a good cause. Not only did we strengthen our hands, but I feel also our hearts and spirits. It's hard to believe we were able to be part of something that will forever be part of our Brethren history.

To sleep in the house Elder John Kline slept in, and to touch and feel things he actually used with his own hands, was something I'll never forget. Our group spent three days cleaning out the antiques in the horse barn. It was amazing to see these old and dusty things come to life. We saw medicine bottles Elder John Kline used as a doctor, a tanner's bench and shoe forms he used to make shoes, and a gorgeous blue glass coffee table we discovered after cleaning years of dust.

Before going on our trip, not many in our group knew who John Kline was. But through this experience we all learned how important he was. A person to look up to and aspire to be like. He gave so much of himself to help others without really getting much in return. Hopefully each of us who went can feel that we strengthened our hearts and spirits, so that we too can help others in the Brethren way that Elder John Kline did.

Stacy Stewart is a member of the youth group at Spring Run Church of the Brethren. This report first appeared in the Middle Pennsylvania District newsletter. To view a photographic tour of the John Kline Homestead go to and click on "Photo Journal."

Source: 11/5/2008 Newsline

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