Tuesday, July 18, 2006

2006 Youth Peace Travel Team

Youth Peace Travel Team members (left to right) Margaret Bortner, Karen Duhai, Christina McPherson, and Corinne Lipscomb pause for a photo following a week-long orientation held in Richmond, IN, and at Camp Mack, IN. This year’s team will be visiting camps to the west in addition to attending Annual Conference and National Youth Conference. This peace travel team of four women will focus on the summer camp curriculum, Peace Talks. Following their training event at Camp Mack the team presented their first program before the participating staff partners. A high-energy skit they presented challenged everyone to realize and find power in the idea that we can all be about “changing the world.” The Youth Peace Travel Team is sponsored by Outdoor Ministries Association, On Earth Peace, and the General Board’s Youth and Young Adult, Brethren Volunteer Service, and Brethren Witness/Washington Offices.

Source: Summer 2006 Witness to Washington Newsletter

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