Monday, May 15, 2006

Outdoor Ministries Association

The Outdoor Ministries Association is encouraging membership for volunteers involved in all areas of outdoor ministries, others interested in outdoor ministries, Brethren camps, as well as professional camp staff. “Join OMA: It’s not just for camp directors,” said a newsletter from Camp Bethel near Fincastle, Va., one of the 29 Church of the Brethren camps in the US. OMA serves in many roles, said the newsletter, as “a support network for Brethren camps, an active association of camp enthusiasts and professionals, an educational body providing programs and support to districts, and... a voice for the Church of the Brethren to the larger camping industry through the American Camp Association, the National Council of Churches camp curriculum writers, the Christian Ministries in the National Parks, and Christian Camp/Conference International.” OMA members support the outdoor ministries of the church and programs that promote stewardship of the environment. Members receive newsletters as well as information about conferences and trainings. Annual membership fees are $30 for an individual, $50 for a family, $150 for a camp professional. Go to for the membership form. For more about the association go to or write to the Outdoor Ministries Association, P.O. Box F, Bethel, PA 19507.

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