Saturday, August 27, 2005

International Day of Peace (IDP) Shares Vision of Global Cease Fire on September 21, 2005

The Brethren Witness/Washington Office invites Brethren to join people from around the world in observing the International Day of Peace (IDP) on Wednesday, September 21. The shared vision for this one day is a global cease-fire, as well as lifting up the principles of non-violence.

Amidst this time of increasing violence, this day will offer an opportunity for collective wills to aspire for a time of peace and solidarity. The International Day of Peace will serve as an excellent opportunity for the Church of the Brethren to celebrate our history of non-violence and, at the same time, to acknowledge our dire need to recommit to those values.

Established by a United Nations resolution in 1981, the intention was to set aside a specific time for the UN and its member states to promote the ideals of peace. A resolution added to the declaration in 2001 extended the language to include a universal cease-fire. “We understand that this is only a symbolic day, but one that can and should raise the consciousness of peacemakers in all places. The challenge is to transform this symbolic day into reality,” comments Phil Jones, director of the Brethren Witness/Washington Office.

Such organizations as International Day of Peace Vigil Team are encouraging individuals, as well as religious and interfaith leaders and communities, to hold spiritual observations in support of this global peace day. The goal of the IDP Vigil Team is to have all 191 UN member states participate. If Brethren congregations or individuals would like to commit to a peace vigil they can record their information with IDP Peace Vigil at Additionally, contact the BW/WO if we can offer peace-related resources or assist in vigil promotion.

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