Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Young adults will meet on 'Provoking Love and Good Deeds.'

Young Adult Conference (YAC) will be held the weekend of May 27-29 at Woodland Altars, a Church of the Brethren camp near Peebles, Ohio. The theme for the conference is "Provoking Love and Good Deeds" from Hebrews 10:24.

"A majority of the leadership is already in place," reported Bob Etzweiler of the Young Adult Steering Committee. "Music and worship are in good hands." Church of the Brethren musicians Shawn Kirchner and Joseph Helfrich are leading music and General Board staff Walt Wiltschek and Becky Ullom are planning worship. Speakers Kurt Borgmann, Cliff Kindy, and Margo Miller will focus three worship times during the weekend. A fourth worship time will use drama and multimedia to explore the theme.

"Workshops were done a little differently at National Young Adult Conference this past year," Etzweiler added. "Called 'padares,' there was a shift from focus on the seeker to more group participation. They'll be a part of YAC this year with a lot of topics to choose from," he said. "With the chance to meet other young adults, singing, worship, a coffeehouse or two, small groups, recreation, padares, free time, and just hanging out, YAC promises to be a great weekend. We hope to see you there!"

For more information and to register see Cost is $80. Participants may request the Youth and Young Adult Ministries Office to send a letter to their home congregations asking them to provide a $50 scholarship. Scholarship requests must be received by April 30.

Source: Newsline 3/16/05

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