Monday, July 19, 2004

An Earful of Excitement About NYAC

Everyone is singing praises of National Young Adult Conference (NYAC). Susan Boyer, pastor of the LaVerne CoB, and NYAC speaker wrote, "I went to NYAC hoping to walk away with hope for the future of the Church of the Brethren. I did. There was a winsome spirit about the conference. The Young Adults of this denomination are intelligent, faithful, down-to-earth servants of the way of Jesus. They talk to each other directly about their differences and concerns. I just hope we listen to their voices now or I am afraid they won't hang around."

Laura Stone of Manchester College brought back an "earful of excitement." She wrote, "The energy, commitment to faith, and varied gifts at the conference were very refreshing for me to see. Leaders with vision, gifts, and energy are present throughout the denomination and the broader church, but I was especially struck this past week with there presence in that group of young adults. Brothers and sisters, we have much to be exited about!"

Heard at NYAC: "You are as young as your dreams and as old as your cynicism." - Tony Campolo, speaker.

Source: VOS Journal (Volume 1, Issue 1)

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