Friday, February 27, 2004

NYAC Website updates

Have you been “dying to know” what recreation options you’ll have at NYAC? Have you wondered what Snow Mountain Ranch looks like? You will suffer in anticipation no more – the website has been updated. Check out the leadership page for a few more bios, the new Recreation page, the new Photo Gallery, and the current weather conditions in Winter Park (on the accommodations page).

Remember that you must register between now and Sunday in order to receive your free NYAC CD.

190 and going up!
As of today, Feb. 27, 190 people have completed the online registration form! If you’ve registered, remember that your spot will not be reserved until your deposit of at least $125 is received in the NYAC Office. If you haven’t registered, remember that you need to be one of the next 310 people to complete the form and mail your deposit in order to be guaranteed a spot. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Number of days until NYAC fills to capacity = ???

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